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German Riviera offers hundreds of annual events for its guests to ensure their stay along our coastline will be remembered as something really special. Some of the events recurring every year are:



the largest maritime event in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and, indeed, in the entire Baltic sea area, „Hanse Sail“ is held in Rostock. Regattas, windjammer races and a splendid parade of tall-masted sailing vessels combined with shows, parties and music on land make for a rousing festival taking place every August.

Music Fest MV

Mecklenburg’s premier music festival has established itself as the third largest festival of classical music in Germany. From June ’til September guests can attend some 120 concerts in 80 locations all over the state. Some of the most beautiful locations are situated on the German Riviera.


Sea & Sand – Kühlungsborn


Each year, on the first weekend after summer solstice, there’s an important music event taking place in Kühlungsborn. National and international DJ’s create a beach club atmosphere with „chill-out“ and ambient sounds spread down the entire beach and in numerous adjacent hotels and clubs.


Traditional opening of swimming season – Heiligendamm 

The „official“ bathing season begins in June. In time-honoured tradition it features a play in which Grand Duke Friedrich Franz, founder of Heiligendamm, and Gottlieb Samuel Vogel, who published the first bathing regulations in 1817, are impersonated by actors; much to the amusement of the public.


Great Gourmet Prize MV – Heiligendamm


Every May, a big gala is held in which Mecklenburg’s best chefs are awarded the Grand  Gourmet Prize based on Volkenborn List. Afterwards, prize winners get together to prepare a joint menu. Since 2009 the event has been held at Grand Hotel Heiligendamm. Star cook Ronny Siewert has been running the restaurant there since 2008.


Baltic See Race Meeting – Heiligendamm


In August an international scene featuring the best of the best jockeys and horses participate in a race meeting on continental Europe’s oldest race track. Not only wagering on races raises the spirit but also „Ladies’ Day“ where elegantly dressed ladies stroll along the race track „Royal Ascot“ style. The ten prettiest and most imaginative millinery creations are then selected by jury and receive an award.


Zappanale – Bad Doberan


in mid-summer Bad Doberan plays host to a multi-day music festival in honour of and featuring music composed by the late American musician Frank Zappa. Former Zappa band members and Zappa cover-bands let the spirit of the Master rise once again. The city’s town square is adorned with a bronze bust showing Frank with the typical glint in his eye.


Motorcycle divinity service


in Doberan Minster with ceremonial drive out. Every year in May a popular church service for motorcyclists is held in Doberan Minster. Following services, there’s a ceremonial mass drive out.

Christmas Fairs in Rostock and Wismar

Christmas fairs open at the beginning of Advent season. In Rostock, the hustle and bustle of North Germanys largest Christmas market is a thrill for all ages. Along a total of about 3 kilometres of market stalls artists, craftsmen, delicacies, Christmas decorations and circus rides await the visitor.

The Christmas market in Wismar is a bit more tranquil. Town hall, renaissance water works and classicistic saddle roof houses are decorated with thousands of bright Christmas lights. Host to this traditional Christmas event is Wismar’s historic marketplace.


Herring Days in Wismar


The Wismar Herring days take place in March. Herring is by far the most important fish in local fish industry, it´s the best known and most popular seafood dish and can be found in waters all over the world. Baltic Herring is the smallest, most delicate and best-tasting of all!


Lighthouse in Flames

every New Years Day a crowd of  thousands gathers around Warnemünde lighthouse to usher  in the new year by enjoying the spectacular production “Lighthouse in Flames” and marvel at the show with music, illumination, laser effects, fireworks and live performances.


Doberan’s Culture Night


On a special night every October Bad Doberan invites visitors to stroll through the charming historic part of town. Along the way one can experience over 30 different crafts, cultural performances and live music. Museums are open all night, exhibits and much more await the visitor.

Kühlungsborn Summer Spectacle

attention all carnival revellers! – Kühlungsborn Carnival Club stages its annual colorful festival in July. A big procession parades through the largest beach resort along the Mecklenburg Baltic Sea coast to finally meet with partner clubs and guests for a rousing party at the pier.


Gourmet Days in Kühlungsborn

November offers a week of stimulation for the palate and other senses. Chefs from Kühlungsborns best restaurants vie with one another in providing the choicest delicacies by the sea.


Sweden Festival

In August Wismar hosts this traditional fair with a bustling market held around an historic Swedish encampment with respective costums and scenery. The historic city centre and harbour turn into one huge open-air stage!


Warnemünde Week

a maritime event of the finest: for a whole week in July visitors can enjoy daily sailboat regattas of all shapes and sizes. Enjoy the accompanying cultural program from the land side or from a boat at sea.